Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle Signage is a great marketing tool

Whether a full car, van, truck wrap or a small magnet for your door or car window space used for your company information – they are all great methods of keeping your company name in front of current and potential customers. If you are in a restaurant meeting with clients, your advertising is hard at work as others drive or walk by.

Mobile advertising is one of the most effective and efficient forms of outdoor advertising, reaching more consumers at a lower cost per impression than other forms of outdoor advertising.

  • Most Americans have driven over 300 miles this week.
  • A vehicle wrap can generate from 30,000 to 70,000 impressions a day.
  • Fleet vehicle branding can increase your brand recognition 15 times over other forms of advertising.

A study by the American Trucking Association shows that 91 percent of people notice words and pictures when displayed on trucks. 14 million people per year view vehicle wraps.

Let Graphic Creations help you take advantage of that fact. If your vehicle is leased or rented, the wrap can be removed and will not damage the factory paint. Wrapping your vehicle will definitely get you noticed!


  • 91% notice words and images on fleet vehicles 91% 91%
  • 29% WOULD base a buying decision on fleet impressions 29% 29%
  • 97% remember ads placed on fleets vs.19% for billboards 97% 97%
  • 98% feel fleet ads create a positive image of the advertiser 98% 98%

Source: Media Life Magazine “Delivering brand by the truck loads.

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