Course Packet Publishing

For over 30 years we have been providing quality service in course materials to both faculty and the students!

Course packets are still the most cost effective way to keep timely information in the classroom as well as maintaining a low cost. We will obtain the rights to reproduce the articles in your packet, assemble and bind them to your specifications and we will sell them directly to your students. It’s easy and affordable!

Student FAQ

Do I need to order my book in advance?

No. We run a large amount of the class count so just swing by the VolShop and pick yours up!

What happens if you run out?

There are times that enrollment changes and if we run out you place a pre-paid order and we run it overnight and hold it in your name for pickup the next afternoon.

Can I return it if I drop the class?

No. Due to copyright fees and no resale market the book is not returnable.

Do you need my class name or professor to get the book?

We need both to ensure you are receiving the one for your individual instructor. For example, Finance 301 by Dr. Wachowicz would tell us everything we need to get you a book for his class versus another instructor such as Dr. Murphy (whose packet is different and yet for Finance 301).

Faculty FAQ

What do you need to have to get my packet together for my class?

Course Name, Course Number, Course “Nickname” if you wish, or any other items for the cover. For Example – Art Education 301, Foundations in Art, Dr. Staff

Your address, phone and email

The number of students registered (vs. expected) The number of desk copies you and any teaching assistants may need How you would like it assembled – single sided or double-sided, pages to be numbered, spiral bound versus coil bound versus 3-hole punch. Any special instructions (special color cover, or color inserts etc.)

And we will also need the biblio-type info for anything that will need copyright permission.

How do I get the material to you and how will we receive our desk copies ?

We will pick up and deliver to your office or you can upload files to our website, or email directly to Just give us a call 865-522-6221

Do the students need to order it?

No. We will run a large percentage of the class count (unless you do not feel they will all purchase) and then take orders for next day pickup if we run out.

Do I need to get copyright permission?

We will handle the permissions or royalties for you!

Where do the students go to buy the course packet / course material?

We are now selling them thru the UT Bookstore.

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